Originally from the United Kingdom, W9TVX currently operates from the of the city of Mountain View, California home to such well known technology companies as Google, Linked-In, and Intuit.

Mountain View is considered to be the ground zero of the technology industry in the region being home to
Shockley Semiconductor the world's first commercial semiconductor firm out of which such companies as Intel and AMD were formed.

Mountain View is home to
NASA's Ames Research Center. Ames was founded 60 years ago to engage in wind-tunnel research on the aerodynamics of propeller-driven aircraft; however, its role has developed to include spaceflight and information technology.

Mountain View covers 12 sq. miles (31 sq. km) and is home to just under 74,000 residents. Located 35 miles (56km) south of San Francisco. Mountain View is perfectly situated between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Bay.

Historically, the city of Mountain View began as astagecoach stop on the route connecting the Port of San Francisco and the new State Capitol in San Jose. Originally it was a agricultural town boasting orchards and vineyards. Post World War II, the City’s population exploded with the growth of the electronic and aerospace industries. Mountain View has seen itself transformed from an agricultural-focused town into a high-tech center located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

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