W9TVX - Oregon, USA

I am originally from the city of Brighton in the United Kingdom. My current QTH is the city of Bend, Oregon, located about 176 mi (283 km) east of the city of Portland, Oregon

I QSL 100% via Direct, Bureau, LoTW, eQSL, QRZ.com, HRDLog, and Clublog. SASE or Green Stamps are NOT required for direct QSL.
  • Radio - FlextRadio 6700 SDR radio with dual spectral capture units (SCUs) allowing up to eight panadapters.
  • Amplifiers - FlexRadio PowerGenius XL Amplifier - 100% duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54 MHz RF amplifier; Elecraft KPA500 500W amplifier for portable operations
  • Antennas - Bushcomm BBA 1KD 3 wire Antenna; SteppIR CrankIR for portable operations.
  • Computer - Dell G5 Laptop.
  • Software - SmartSDR, Log4OM 2, WSJT-X, JTAlert, Fldigi & N1MM+.
Grid: CN94hb
CQ Zone: 3
ITU Zone: 6
Longtitude: 44.058174
Latitude: -121.315308
Country: USA
State: Oregon
County: Deschutes
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